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How to Hypnotize Someone without them Knowing Step by Step

Do you want to know how to hypnotize someone without them knowing? This can be helpful if someone you know tends to engage in bad habits or needs a way to calm down because they are overstressed. If you are worried that a person will become resistant if you try to hypnotize them normally then using the same techniques when they are unaware of what you are doing can be helpful.

It is important to note that people can pull themselves out of a hypnotic state any time they want. If you are trying to put someone under your control against one’s will and force one to stay there it will not work and it is fairly unethical to attempt to do so.

In most cases people hypnotize others by getting their permission so you can work with them to get them into the proper mental state for the hypnosis to work, but you can also use covert hypnosis to use hypnotic phrases or behavior to hypnotize a person. In this case they don’t even need to know you are trying to hypnotize them in order for it to work.

You can hypnotize someone instantly using some of these key moves:

  • “Look into my eyes and continue looking here until I tell you something.”
  • Tell them you will count to 3 and have them push on your hand, telling them that you will use your hand to guide your energy to give them instructions.
  • 1…..2…..3….push, push, push. Tell them to push gently at first, slowly increasing their efforts and pushing harder. Place your hand up against theirs, gently caressing.
  • Put your other hand over their eyes like you would be shading them, gently pressing down.
  • Tell the person to keep pressing down if they want to develop a feeling like they need to go to bed. Tell them they are getting sleepy and drowsy and with every moment they are moving closer toward sleep.

After you say the word sleep at the end of the last phrase, pull away and the person should be in a state of hypnosis. Keep eye contact and stay right in front of the person during this process. With any luck you should master this technique quickly so you can easily take charge and keep people under your spell. It is easier to start practicing hypnosis techniques on family and friends before you start branching out to people that you don’t have a relationship with. This will give you a chance to work with someone trustworthy to get a feel for how these techniques work.

If you want to learn more tricks about how to hypnotise someone without them knowing check out the guide below. This will give you step by step instructions that you can follow to get a feel for the technique and help teach you words that you can use to hypnotize someone without making it very obvious that you are performing these techniques. Just remember to keep your motives pure when you are using hypnosis so you don’t interfere with someone’s free will.


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