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How to Hypnotize Someone with Your Eyes

Hypnosis can be learned by anyone who is willing to practice the techniques.  Granted, not everyone can be hypnotized, but everyone can learn how to do it.  Learning how to hypnotize someone with your eyes is an advanced hypnosis technique that will take time to learn.  You should always learn the basic techniques first before attempting to master this one.  But once you do, you’ll be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish.

To start, you need to master your own eye movement and maintaining eye contact for long periods of time without blinking.  Blinking could cause you to lose connection when trying to hypnotize someone with your eyes.  Practice by staring at yourself in the mirror and time yourself.  The longer you can go without blinking, the better chance of success you will have when you go to hypnotize someone using only your eyes.

Once you have reached the longest amount of time you can go without blinking, ask someone who trusts you to work with you so that you can practice your technique.  Always hypnotize someone in an area that makes the person feel safe and secure, provides you with dim light and blocks out any distractions.  Ask the person helping you to stand or sit before you.  They should be standing with their weight distributed evenly and as straight as possible.  They should sit as straight as possible as well.  You should match their position.

After getting comfortable, ask the person to look directly in front of them and then instruct them to focus on the area located just below your right eye.  Point to the spot you want them to focus on.  Once they have achieved this, stare back at them using strong and unwavering eye contact.  Remember do not blink while maintaining this stare.  Count backwards from five using a soft, low and soothing voice.  In between each number, tell the person you are working with that their eyes are getting droopy, then heavy, and finally, their eyes are closing.  Tell them that they can sleep and let them know that when you say a specific word they will wake up.

At this point when you hypnotize someone with your eyes you will need to be ready to catch them if they are standing up and help them to the floor, a couch or a chair.  If they are already sitting, ease them back in the chair so they do not fall forward.  From here you can speak with the subject on any matter, ask them to do what you want, or help them remember things that they have buried.  Always remind them that they are in a safe place and that nothing will happen to them.  Make sure they are breathing deeply and evenly.  When you are ready, bring them out of the hypnosis and ask them to tell you what they remember.


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When you learn how to hypnotize someone with your eyes, keep in mind that their well-being is in your hands.  Talk with them beforehand at length to determine what they are looking for so that you know how to help them.  As you perfect this technique, you will find that it is a useful thing to know, especially when you need to help someone who trusts you.

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